Patty (laffypatty) wrote in mcds_franchise,

annoying co worker


I hate this one person at my work she gets mad at me for no reason at all!!!!
So today I was on finsh and then I took over intizating becaz the other person was off sooo she came over from 2nd side and finsh... sooo we had 1 double quarter pounder, & 1 quarter pounder sold and we only keep 2 quarter meets in a tray... so there was only 2 trays in there with 2 piece of quarter meat... except she doesnt call out that we need more quarter meat sooo I check and there was one left sooo I call it becaz we r suppost to let the person on meats know that we need more quarter meat so that we wouldnt be waiting on it and she gets mad at me for calling the stuff out!!! And she was also mad at me when I was finshing and calling stuff out!! Becaz the person on 2nd side also does the fried product.... sooo if the product is low then I have to call it out unless we want to run out...

and she was on the other side and I heard one of the manager asking her to make a double quarter pounder except there was like 3 trays in there and then we get 2 quarter pounder sooo I ask the person on meats that we need quarter meat down. And then I go to look in the cabinet and there is only 1 quarter meat left! sometimes she doesnt take out the trays... and then sometimes she will take from the wrong tray.

And then when I go to make doubles cheeseburger she like no more doubles... abecaz we usually make at least 2 extras but I always need to put 2 extras up there...

and she gets mad at me when the nuggets box slides off the tables.. becaz sometimes the box falls to the ground and it happens to everyone......
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sounds like a stupid person. grrrr people like that bug me.
I have the opposite problem though. I work wall (fried product) a lot for lunch and when someone empties a tray like 6 people all call it to me like I'm retarded or something. And then those same people will take from both trays of stuff (we keep 2 each of nuggets, fish, etc.) and then yell at me when they run out of both trays at once! ARGH!
I told the manager about how she yells at me and she said that she yells at everyone (well not everyone has been yell at by her) but I know a couple of others....... but she gonna try not to schedule me to work with her caz I HATE working with her and the worst thing is that she is also in the grill area!!!!! So I request to learn all the other stuff and if possible if she is working she is always in grill that I can be working at another position...