Patty (laffypatty) wrote in mcds_franchise,

wild & crazy

OMG today it was totally wild & crazy!!!
At around 9 am or sooooo the orders kept on coming none stop!!!!!! 2 or 3 orders kept on appearing at like the same side.... and I was the only one that was on table.... and then we had only one person on grill, and one of the manager helping out...

and then next we get this one huge order....
which was 2 hotcake & sausage, 2 sausage, 2 eggs, 1 bec bisquit, 1 sausage egg muffin& 1 bec mcgriddle. Then after that came a ton of other orders with 1 or 2 sandwiches... and it kept on coming too.... then finally they decided to put someone on 2nd side... sooo I had like 4 orders on my screen and she had like 3 caz they kept on coming.....

and when I was on table by myself all these orders came up so quicky that we were pending like 3!!!!!!!!!

And he didnt schedule many grill people..... well one of them didnt even know how to do breakfast... only lunch!

o and since it kept on getting busy..... a few things accidently got drop or fell out.... a few pieces of cheese, a piece of egg, one of the tong sooo I just had one..... and then I took the one from the other side and somehow that drop too sooo the other side had one. and then I was putting the round eggs in and it almost sliped out of my hand but I caught the tray just in time............... and then it was sooooo messy!!!!! But that happens when its ultra busy and your trying to be fast!!!!!!!
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