Patty (laffypatty) wrote in mcds_franchise,

I love u....... (and u r a weirdo!!!)

omg last week or sooo......
when I was getting ready to leave work one of my manager was on break and she went in the crew room to sit down.... and she was like your crazy sometimes... and I was like what r u talking about... and then she like but I love u...... and I just gave her a weird look and laugh!!! and she like I know u love me too...... I just kept on laughing and walk away....... I m thinking weirdo!!! (And yeah right I love her ha ha what a joke!)

O she said that to some other people too becaz they were talking about her and stuff....

yesterday she said to one of the workers she like wow I havent work the morning shifts in a long time (she was working nights for a month or 2) and she was telling one of the worker... I miss u....... I love u....

and then this other co-worker was she was like I hate when she said that....

oh and I was putting the grease trap back in..... one of the night time person broke the handle soooo u have to kick it in.... and it didnt go in the right away... soooo the manager is like u have to put it under this thing u see it??? I was like no??? and u know what she say "Be nice"

o and then I was joking with her I took the empty box of reg meat and I was like this is your house.... and then she like its too small to be my house..... (Its like nooo it was a joke!!!!!!!!)
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