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Fast Food Union

Me and a friend who used to work at Tim Horton's have decided to form a Fast Food Union. If we get everyone involved who works at or has worked in the fast food industry, we can effectively pursue equal rights for Food Service employees...

This includes:

1. Paid Breaks (some food service personal do not receive paid breaks)
2. More vacation time
3. Less working time to Overtime ratio
4. Minimum two days off per week

If you or anyone you know has any other ideas for our union, or would simply like to join the FFU, they simply need to apply for an online account in our community (sponsored by Live Journal). When we mobilize, we can be treated equally under law.

Please forward this email along to everyone, so that the word gets out. The more people we have spreading the word, the stronger our union and the further it's reach. Our goal is to be a Canada recognized union by the end of this year. We hope to accomplish this with your help, but we need you to get the word out to others.

We need protection in the Fast Food industry, and we need it now. The longer you wait the more unfairly treated other workers become.

Brennan Ball
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